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NameTypeDescriptionPID helpUnit
Source: Specimen*StringNot specified--
Source: Material TypeStringNot specified--
Source: OrganismStringNot specified--
Source: Strain or LineStringNot specified--
Source: Organism PartStringNot specified--
Source: OrganismStatusStringNot specified--
Source: Number of fungal organismsIntegerNot specified--
Source: Unit for number of fungiStringNot specified--
Source: Sex (e.g. for mice)StringNot specified--
Source: AgeReal numberNot specified--
Source: Age Time UnitStringNot specified--
Source: Sampling Time PointReal numberNot specified--
Source: Sampling Time Point UnitStringNot specified--
Source: TemperatureReal numberNot specified--
Source: Temperature UnitStringNot specified--
Source: pHReal numberNot specified--
Source: AtmosphereStringNot specified--
Source: CompoundStringNot specified--
Source: MediaStringNot specified--
Source: NutrientsStringNot specified--
Source: Storage ProtocolStringNot specified--
Source: Storage DateDateNot specified--
Source: Storage LocationStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Extraction ProtocolStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Extract NameStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: 260/280Real numberNot specified--
RNA Extraction: 230/280Real numberNot specified--
RNA Extraction: RIN/RNA integrity numberReal numberNot specified--
RNA Extraction: ConcentrationReal numberNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Concentration UnitStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: VolumeReal numberNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Volume UnitStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Extraction KitStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Material TypeStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Extraction DateDateNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Storage ProtocolStringNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Storage DateDateNot specified--
RNA Extraction: Storage LocationStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Sequencing ProtocolStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Assay NameStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Sequencing PerformerStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Technology TypeStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Read LengthIntegerNot specified--
Sequencing: Sequencing InstrumentStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Library SourceStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Library StrategyTextNot specified--
Sequencing: Library SelectionStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Library LayoutStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Sequencing DateDateNot specified--
Sequencing: Storage ProtocolStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Storage DateDateNot specified--
Sequencing: Storage LocationStringNot specified--
Sequencing: Data FileTextNot specified--


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