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Presentation for C1 project from the internal FungiNet lecture on 18.01.2022

Creator: Jakob Sprague

Contributor: Jakob Sprague

No description specified

Creator: Sarah Vielreicher

Contributor: Sarah Vielreicher

Talk at internal seminar in Jena_21.11.2017

Creators: Toni Förster, Selene Mogavero, Bernhard Hube, Lydia Kasper, Stefanie Allert

Contributor: Toni Förster

Overview of Project B4 and presentation of a state-based model regarding the immune evasion of C. albicans in human whole-blood infection assays

Creator: Sandra Timme

Contributor: Sandra Timme

Invited talk at Workshop for 'Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Information Processing in Chemical Networks' of Luxembourg University (15.06.2017)

Creator: Jan Ewald

Contributor: Jan Ewald

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