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Source: Specimen (String) *, Source: Material Type (String) , Source: Organism (String) , Source: Strain or Line (String) , Source: Organism Part (String) , Source: OrganismStatus (String) , Source: Number of fungal organisms (Integer) , Source: Unit for number of fungi (String) , Source: Sex (e.g. for mice) (String) , Source: Age (Real number) , Source: Age Time Unit (String) , Source: Sampling Time Point (Real number) , Source: Sampling Time Point Unit (String) , Source: Temperature (Real number) , Source: Temperature Unit (String) , Source: pH (Real number) , Source: Atmosphere (String) , Source: Compound (String) , Source: Media (String) , Source: Nutrients (String) , Source: Storage Protocol (String) , Source: Storage Date (Date) , Source: Storage Location (String) , RNA Extraction: Extraction Protocol (String) , RNA Extraction: Extract Name (String) , RNA Extraction: 260/280 (Real number) , RNA Extraction: 230/280 (Real number) , RNA Extraction: RIN/RNA integrity number (Real number) , RNA Extraction: Concentration (Real number) , RNA Extraction: Concentration Unit (String) , RNA Extraction: Volume (Real number) , RNA Extraction: Volume Unit (String) , RNA Extraction: Extraction Kit (String) , RNA Extraction: Material Type (String) , RNA Extraction: Extraction Date (Date) , RNA Extraction: Storage Protocol (String) , RNA Extraction: Storage Date (Date) , RNA Extraction: Storage Location (String) , Sequencing: Sequencing Protocol (String) , Sequencing: Assay Name (String) , Sequencing: Sequencing Performer (String) , Sequencing: Technology Type (String) , Sequencing: Read Length (Integer) , Sequencing: Sequencing Instrument (String) , Sequencing: Library Source (String) , Sequencing: Library Strategy (Text) , Sequencing: Library Selection (String) , Sequencing: Library Layout (String) , Sequencing: Sequencing Date (Date) , Sequencing: Storage Protocol (String) , Sequencing: Storage Date (Date) , Sequencing: Storage Location (String) , Sequencing: Data File (Text)


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