[DEMO] Response of hepatocytes to rapid change in the medium composition (gene regulatory network): Model 1100 "freshMedia"
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Primary hepatocytes were exposed to a stimulus by exchanging culture medium, thereby simulating changes in the blood composition. The expression of genes at different time points was recorded. Differentially expressed genes were clustered using fuzzy c-means algorithm into five groups. The arcs of the possible network were identified using the NetGenerator algorithm under the restriction of biological knowledge. The analysis was restricted to the main metabolic pathways of hepatocytes. The reverse engineering approach was applied to validate the data and a network of interacting genes was generated. Pyruvate kinase and pyruvat carboxylase are genes that rapidly respond to the changes in the medium composition.

This model was copied from the Virtual Liver SEEK to demonstrate the model capabilities of FungiNet SEEK. It was not generated in the FungiNet consortium!

SEEK ID: https://funginet.hki-jena.de/models/13?version=2

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Organism: Not specified

Model type: Ordinary differential equations (ODE)

Model format: SBML

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