Pathogenicity mechanisms and host response during oral Candida albicans infections


Oral candidiasis remains one of the most common forms of Candida infections and occurs if the balance between host, Candida and microbiota is disturbed, e.g., by broad spectrum antibiotics or immunosuppression. In recent years, identification of fungal factors contributing to host cell damage and new insights into host defense mechanisms have significantly extended our understanding of the pathogenesis of oral candidiasis. In this review, we will provide an overview of the pathogenicity mechanisms during oral Candida infections and discuss some approaches by which this knowledge could be transferred into therapeutic approaches.


PubMed ID: 24803204

Projects: FungiNet C - Candida projects

Journal: Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther


Date Published: 7th May 2014

Authors: B. Hebecker, J. R. Naglik, Bernhard Hube, Ilse Jacobsen

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